TRIMURTI & Avatar Parshuram (Mehrgarh TRIMURTI seal)Puneet Code 2 Harappan seal. Puneet code Indus.

Dattatraya Hari & Parshuram; Disciple meets Yog Guru.

Indus seal revealing
Yog Guru; Dattatraya in Siddha asana;  being visited by student Parshuram for initiation.

गुदं मेढ्रं च नाभिं च हृत्-पद्मे च तद्-ऊर्ध्वतः ।
घण्टिकां लम्पिका-स्थानं भ्रू-मध्ये परमेश्वरं ॥ ८६ ॥





Chapter 17-18



by Harita, son of HARITA-YANA ( desciple of Avatar Parshurama)

On the advise of Rishi Sam-varta ; Avatar Parshurama went to Bhagwan DATTATREYA HARI to be adopted as a desciple; however he was shocked to see Datt APPARENTLY served SOMA  by two Divine women. However he later realized that all this was created to make him appreciate that a Guru need to leave voices and sacrifice obvious pleasures of life ( to live beyond material pleasures) to serve the desciples.

PARSHU-RAM connect with VAJR

Rishi Dadhichi bones were made into two and half VAJR KAVACH

1) One Kavach given to Vishnu called SHARANGA

2) Second VAJR KAVACH called Aja-gava was given to Parshurama who inturn gave it to King Janak of Mithila ( Nepal)

3) Half Vajra was given to Indra which was used to kill Vritra-sura.

Parshurama family

King Prcheta (Iran? Susa/ Susha)

Bhrigu(Precheta son from first wife Virni)

Vashist (Precheta son from 2nd wife Urvashi)

Vashist Mentor of Ram

Shukra- acharya ( Brigu kid from Kavya 1st wife)

Richik/Renuka/ Chayvan Rishi (Brigu kids from 2nd wife Puloma)

1) Richik son JAMADAGNI Rishi.

Parshurama ( JAMADAGNI son)

2) Renuka son VAIVAST Manu

3) Chayan Rishi ( kids ; Aurava ; apnavana, Dadhichi from wives Arushi & Sukanya)

Dhata, Vidhata, Bhargavi ( Brigu kids from 3rd wife Khyati)


King Karta-veerya-arjun

Parshurama as well as King Kartiya- virya-Arjun; both were desciples to Datt Yoga.
King Karta-veerya-arjun had a fight with Ravan
Ravan has connect with Avatar Ram

Yog Guru Dattatraya HARI or Datt; the living legend; Mentor of PARSHURAM

The giver of spiritual Divine light.

Indus seal depicts BHAGWAN  DATTATREYA MAHARAJ, as three heads depicting three in one, collective power ( seed power,like a seed that manifest in three parts of a tree that is LEAF- STEM- ROOT).

Brahm and Brahamaa; two Ancient Spiritual vocabulary still in use today.

Par and Pratpar terms still in use today in Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, Telgu etc.




The Tantric and Vedic traditions of India both follow

The SIX levels of spiritual awareness.

Jigyasu, Kshar, Akshar, Pra, Pratpar ( during lifetime) & Pooran Brahm swaroop ( after leaving physcial body BY CHOICE and not upon dissolution.

The AVTAR is blessed with PRATPAR or BRAHM SWAROOP from BIRTH itself whereas Jigyasu is to be upgraded step by step to fifth level by own effort or Directly into fifth level by AVTAR or AVADHOOT

Same SIX LEVEL TRADITION lives in modern India through Gita and Ramayana.





Disciple: Parshuram; the Brahmin warrior.

Father Rishi Jamad-agni & son Parshu-ram.

He is being served AMRIT by two divine APSRA when his to be deciple PARSHURAM JEE( son of RISHI JAMADAGNI and grandson of RISHI BHRIGU ) visited him for initiation.

Avtar Parshuram the desciple of Dattatraya Yog Tantric Guru
Hari Avtar Parshuram; and King Sahastra Bahu Kartvirya Arjun; both were both desiciples of Dattatraya Tantric Guru and worshipped Mata TRIPURA Sundari.
Parshuram kills his own mother as and when ordered to do so by his father RISHI JAMADAGNI & earn the
King Karta-veerya-arjun son killed Parshu-ram Jee father & inturn got killed by Parshurama.
Later Parshurama killed King 👑 Karta-veerya-arjun

Parshuram accepted for initiation by Yog teacher Dattatreya.

On the recommendation of his previous Guru; Parshuram jee is pursuaded to visit Dattatreya to empass more spiritual powers.

Parshuram jee visit Dattatreya Yog Guru in his Ashram.Parshram jee is first perturbed by seeing a man being served som by two lady attendant sitting on Dattatreya lap.

Timing of YAYATI lineage Karta-veerya-arjun & Datt Father Atri ( a vedic author of first Mandla & host of Avatar Ram matches) around 5500 BC

RIGVEDA TIMES 10 books or divisions; 1028 hymns, 10,600 verses;

reference of Rigveda writing

Vasant season in Punarv- vasu nakshatra;

2000 AD Vasant season in Purv- BHADR-Pad
960 years difference PER

NAKSHATRA ; difference onto Punarv-vasu- nakshatra; Adra, Mrig-sheera, Rohini, Kritika, Bharani, Ashwani, Revati, Uttar- Bhadra-Pad;Purv- bhadr-pad ; change from today Feb to ancient June. 4 month change meaning 2000 per month that is 8000 years ( 6000 BC).

Around 5000 BC ; Rishab & Ram both were contemporary cultures. Thus Harrapan Vedic literature of 5000 BC and later till say 2000 BC mention RISHAB


RIGVEDA 6. 16. 47; 10. 166. ??

Atharveda 9. 4.14-15

Taittiriya Brahmana 3. 7.5.13; 4.7. 10.1

Yajurveda Ajitanatha, Arishtanemi, Rishab

Bhagvat Puran ; Rishabha

However Parshuram jee ignores the NEGATIVE importance of scenario as he was sure that his previous Guru must have sent him to a higher spiritual person & this vision is just to fool him. He thereby bow down & request DATTATREYA Yog Guru to impart the MATA TRIPURA SUNDARI SIDHI. PARSHURAM JEE is given SHODHSHI Mantra of the deity MATA LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI to be practiced at MAHINDRA mountain.


malaya or Mahendra hills are in South part of western ghat in Kerla ( northern part of western Ghat is called Sahya) India after initiation by Datta.

Goddess Mother Tripura Sundari

worshipped by Dattatraya Guru as well as Parshuram.

Hymn available in Brahmanda purana where there is a discussion between Hayagreeva (an Avtar of  Lord Hari with the horse head and Rishi Agastya (one of the sages). At Rishi Agastya solicitation Hayagreeva taught him the most sacred 1000 names of Devi Lalitha
A part of Brahmand Puran and also a part of Narad Puran.

Sugarcane leaflets depicted on central snake headgear
Ma Tripura sundari with Shree Chakra having 9 triangles in an design with 8 projections and 9th CENTRAL structure contains 9 triangles signifying SEED of all creations as MATA LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI represent seed energy or the mother of all energies beside Divya tatav.

After Tripura Siddhi Sadhna; Parshuram gains power to kill.

Bhagwan Parshuram kills Shatriyas, the warrior clan, in 21 wars.

Ancient tradition Continuum.Shri Parshuram birthday still celebrated today in various parts of India.

Happy Birthday Parshuram Brahmin warrior.
Parshuram encounter with Lord Rama when Lord Rama lifted , bent & broke the powerful Shiva Bow at the marriage competition ceremony for Mata Sita at palace of King Janak (in present day Nepal & India border).
Indus region King Yadu; a desciple of Yog Guru Datt-atreya.
Indus contemporary King of Madhya Pradesh region; desciple of Avater Datt-atreya
Created by Avatar Ram on request of Datt-attreya

Datta-treya & Lord Bhagwan Ram connect

To do a Holy Yagya on killing the Brahmin Ravana ; Lord 🙏 Ram is said to visit Datta-treya Guru who requested Lord 🙏 Rama to bring holy water from a holy place.

Lord 🙏 Ram declared that where are the holy place is the land on which the holy feet of Yog guru Datta-treya rest. So Lord 🙏 Rama shot an arrow nearby his foot & created a holy pond called Meru wala Talab ( Meru-wala pond of Mahurgarh, मोहरगढ़ में मेरुवाला तालाब)


  1. This deciphering of Indus seal directly relates to our mythological deities and traces them back to the Indus valley civilization, unprecedented work.


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