TRIMURTI Dattatreya Mantra seal;Puneet code 3 Harappan seal  Puneet code indus.

Lord Datta Mantra Seal

Three faced Trinity

Three faces are representative of all inclusive (unified) power the Dattatraya persona has to create all three forms of matter & energy upon manifestation.

Reference Agni Puran, Brahmaand Puran, Bhagvatam Adhyay 11.

Two crescent moon like head gear on each sides.

Middle headgear of Peepal like tree twig or snake headgear or at times sugarcane long and drooping  leaves.

Trimurti at Kolhapur
Holy feet worship.


The one-, six-, eight-, twelve-, and sixteen-syllabled mantras of Dattaatreya

One word Mantra

Om Dra shruti rilee

The six syllabled Mantra

OM, Shriim, Hriim, Kliim, Glaum, Draam.

The eight-syllabled Mantra

‘Dram’ or ‘Draam’ and then adding to it the syllables ‘Dat, taa, tre, yaa, na, maaH.”

The twelve-syllabled Mantra

‘Om, Aam, Hriim, Krom, ehi Dattatreya svaahaa

Datta-treya Hari, Mahur

The three heads

shar Akshar Pra combined

as Pratpar in lifetime

as Pooran after death

Therefore called Avadhoot, Dattatreya during lifetime

Pooran, Hari, Narayan, Adi Dattayreya after Nirvana in realm of immortals.

Indus seal depicting triguni seed power as triple heads

two head gears with moon


BRAHMA with -moon approaching full moon- SHUKL PAKSH MOON


Narayana or Dattatraya is equivalent to powerful seed of cosmos with all components of manifestation  hidden in form of three heads.

The manifested seed of cosmos; Divine matter transform to non divine matter.

Trinity with seed power; DATTATREYA

The family tree


Father ; Rishi Attri

Mother; Anasuya

Maternal Grand parents

Grand father; Kadam Prajapati

Grand mother; devhuti

Maternal uncle

Kapil Dev

Paternal uncle

Sarsu Jaat

Spiritual Guru

Maharishi Ribhu

Ashram/ living place

Near father’s ( Atri Vedic Rishi) Ashram

Students ( Mentorship)

Bhakt Prahlad,

Priest King Yadu,


Priest King Arlak and mother Madrasa on Shri Mahadri Mountain of Mahur-gad Maharashtra.

The peepal tree headgear.

The middle head gear with PEEPAL leaves in seal depict a HINDU MEDITATION PRACTICE of repeating a mantra that gives different OUTCOME under different types of TREES.

Peepal leaf

Peepal tree worship using sacred red thread

Chanting of mantra shown in the seal; under PEEPAL tree gives a different result of enlightenment.

where as same mantra chanting under sour fruit yielding TAMARIND TREE gives different TANTRIC sidhi.

Peepal verses Tamarind tree in Tantric traditions.

Pods containing sour fruit with seeds

Small leaves giving special look to tree.

Lord Dattatraya continuum

The famous three face God in various places all over India from ancient time till modern days.

Three heads.

Vishnu body as all time suistainer till pralay.

Datta Tantric traditions continuum

Various places harbour temples, carry traditions, and festivals for Lord Datta till date in India.

Dattatraya principle srill on continuum through shaktipaat and Pratpar gyan.
Alakh, Agam , Anam ( Pra, Pratpar, Pooran)

Tantric traditions.

Holy tours.

Nepal, Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka also have various places of Dattatraya worship.

Holy chant.

Note philosophy of five stages of Spiritual awareness kshar, Akshar, Pra, Pratpar and Pooran .

Dattayreya Upnished


Garud Puran

Brahma Puran

Sattvat samhita

Advait Vedanta Yoga ( Avadhut Gita)

Datta traditions in Telgu.

Datta traditions in Telgu.

Datta traditions in Telgu.

Mahur-gadh Maharashtra daily rituals

PARSHURAM Mother Renuka temple ; the HOLY HEAD at Mahur-gadh
The Mahur-gadh Castle
Castle & Ma Renuka temple complex
Datta-treya temple Mahurgadh
Holy smoke worship & Mantra recitation
Datta-treya temple

Under Datta-treya Tradition, worshipping Ma Tripura Sundari for SHREE VIDYA TANTRA

The worship of Goddess Mother Tripura Sundari a part of Dattatraya traditions.

16 letter mantra was to be remembered & recalled to master spiritual powers ( sidhi).

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