TRI-MURTI Siddha ASANA of Indus seal;Puneet code 4 Harappan seal Puneet code Indus.

Living Legend, Indus Revived

India Lost & Found

Bhadra Asana

Goraksh asana

Out of the top two asans ; the Padam asan stand second & Siddha asan secures first position.

Pose of staying ever youth.

Side pose

Ancient ever young Guru

8000 BC tradition

documented later 3000 BC.

Indus seal showing Bhadra asana ( not lotus pose)

8000 BC

Diety sitting in middle with BHADRA asan pose and being served drink by two ladies ( Indus seal)

2020 AD


Modern biology

Skin supply of heel and anus; same sacral nerve supply

Same skin supply for asan related points; heel &  anus

Heel S1 S2, nerve supply of heel

Internal Sex organ supply from same one that supply external skin of feet & anus

Organ supplied related to same skin supply of heel and anus  are related to Yogic kriya purpose of celebacy; organs of human reproduction that is  phallus and uterus.

Autonomic nerve supply ;internal sex organ nerve supply; external skin supply of feet; all from S2, S3, S4.

S2,S3,S4 ( sacral nerves of both sides) supply the alone outflow of SPINAL PARASYMPATHETIC autonomic nervous system to 1) uterus in females ( गर्भ); phallus in males 2) large gut ( जराष्ठ अग्नि) 3) anal canal (मल द्वार).All these three organs are supplied by S2 S3 S4. This characterise the SHUDRA CHAKRA as mentioned in Gita (Gita Chapter 3 verse 38 )

Spiritual biology connect

Rigveda ; skin supply divisions


Same external ( skin) & internal nerve supply

internal sex Organ supply of lowest neuro- muscular- derma – autonomic – embryological division of embryo skin supplying feet.


Chapter 3-verse 38

Uterus (garbh; गर्भ ), left side of Gut from transverse colon one third and two third junction till anus ( mal dwar; मल द्वार ),phallus erection ( erection akin to agni; अग्नि that cloud consciousness)

Ancient tradition Continuum by Nath sect & likes.

The BHADRA asan positions the heel abutting the anal opening. This yields celibacy ( sexual control) as well as activation of lowest SHUDRA spiritual knot or चक्र ( ELECTRO- PHYSIOLOGICAL and embryological sacro- coccygeal division) including very special the spinal parasympathetic supply S2, S3 S4

Indus heritage revived. 

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  1. Unprecedented work were Varna (class of birth) division is interpreted and explained in the light of human anatomy like never before, this clearly states that every human body comprises of parts representing all four Varna’s. This is what our revered vedas truly meant to say.
    Siddhasana which is relevant from the from the period of Indus civilization till date has been decoded and unequivocally explained in the real terms of human anatomy.👍


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