Kartikeya Birthday seal & 7 foster mother’s ( Pleiades related; Vedic Kritika Mini constellation) seal.  Indus seal DK 6847 ; Puneet code Indus . Com


Enigma cracked by Dr Gupta code of Harappan Alphabets and Art.

The ENIGMA.                                           ( ?Greek 7 sisters/ ?Vedic 7 rishis/ ?Tantric/ ?Astronomy 7 Kritikas? Human sacrifice )
similar event depicted on shell; note the Inscriptions & tail like a snake.


Diety in Peepal tree with big tuft of hair  is Adi Mata and Mythical animal decoded as AKASH MARG Vedic Nakshatras composite animal.



Importance of Peepal tree in Ancient Indian tradition.




Kneeling lady with large tuft of hair and a newborn on ground

CELESTIAL HYBRID COMPOSITE BLENDED GOAT ( MRIGSHIRA deer like horns as Birth nakshatra of Datt; Datt Face; Garud wings around neck; snake like tail; Buggi Harness of oxen or horse)

Composite animal de
7 ladies with long  braids and loin cloth ; the 7 foster mothers of Karti-keya.

Kartikeya the newborn

Newborn offered to Adi Ma who gave him to 7 foster mothers out of whom only 6 can breast feed as seventh Kartika was blessed to be ever virgin & can not breast feed the newborn.

Family details

Parents of Kartikeya

Father ; Shiva and Kameshwar

SHAIV-ISM ( शैव्य) in 2 minutes

Mother; Mata Parvati and Tripura sundari.

Sibling of Kartikeya

YOUNGER Brother of Kartikeya;  Ganesha

Siblings; one sister two brothers.
Brother Ganesha with two wives ( Ridhi & Sidhi)

Sister of Kartikeya;

Sister in center of three siblings

Ashoka Sundari (married to Nahusha; son= Yayati; Grandsons= Puru, Yadu, Anu, Turvashu, Druhyu)

Nephew of Kartikeya

First  Chakarvarti King of Bharat ; Yayati

King Yayati ; Son of King Nahusha and Devi Ashoka Sundari.Had 5 sons however the youngest one Puru became the future heritage  King.

Kartikeya 7 foster mothers;  KARTIKAS

lucky 6

This Indus seal depicts in detail two important events from ancient Bharat tradition related to persons of Shiva family.

One of the two sons Shiva is named kartikya.

Six sparks from third eye of Shiva.

Kartikeya was born out of 6 sparks from THIRD EYE of Shiva, had 6 heads and breast fed by 6 foster mothers. Thereby named KARTIKEYA after KRITIKAS.

Karti-keya worship day.
Parvati handing over newborn to Adi Ma and 7 Kartika.

When kartikya was about to be born Maa Parvati was warned by a demon called Tarakasur that he shall slain the new born child as and when born because demon was cursed by Brahmaa jee that he shall be killed by one of the son of Shiva.

The Abduction by Demon & escaping death.

Newborn handed over by Adi Ma with Kavach to Parvati and 7 Kartika

Devi Jatila is the only Virgin Krtika out of 7 (who was ever VIRGIN- even after marriage- as by an earlier blessing) daughter of Rishi Gautam ; was not able to breast feed Kartikeya.

The six of these ( JATILA excluded) wives of Sapt-rishies made newborn breast feed through six heads of Kartikeya.

6 heads for feeding 6 wet nursing aids called Kritikas.

Kartikeya, six heads to facilitate easy breast feeding by six Krittikiyas or wives of Seven rishis ( note the seventh one JATILA, daughter of RISHI GAUTAM was blessed to sustain VIRGINITY ever despite even being married.The section 10.1 of the Taittiriya Aranyaka mentions him as Sanmukha (six faced one), 

Kartikeya is also named as Sakand and thus his mother Parvati also called as “Skand Mata”. His other names are Murugan, Subramanya as well as Kumar.


Newborn Kartikeya;handed over by Ma Parvati for safety from demon TARAKASUR .ZATILA took care with six KARTIKAS ( total 7 wives of 7 Rishis or seers) to grow up . The Kartikeya
later kill the Demon TARKA-SUR and saved the celestial HE GOAT of NARDA SEER.

ONLY FIRST ( none of the other three padas of nakshatras) OUT OF THE 4 PHASES OF KRITIKA NAKSHATRA LINKED WITH KARTI-KEYA

Name of seven wives of Sapt rishis. Sapt rishis change from cycle to cycle say

Kartikeya Saves the celestial HE Goat of Narda

Small upright tail like snake, eagle like Wing pattern on shoulder, Face like human Avadhoot, ear like Rhino, horns like Markhor ( not like bull)
SHARP SPIRAL HORNS, fur on the neck & shoulder, Hoofs.
Horns Similar to spiral  horns combo animal in Indus seal
NARAD MUNI one of the 7 Manas sons of BRAHMA.

Kartikeya is connected with a famous story of a celestial GOAT  and sage NARDA.

“One day Narada came to Kartikeya and requested him to find a HE GOAT which had got lost.  The goat was supposed to be offered as the sacrifice.

Kartikeya went in search of that celestial goat. He found it in the Vishnuloka where it was creating nuisance. When the goat saw Kartikeya, goat attacked him with sharp horns.

Kartikeya climbed on the back and made goat ran through all the three worlds and finally returned back to original place. Then Kartikeya climbed down from goat’s back.”If the goat was not found, my vow would remain unfulfilled.” Said Narada.Narada arrived and demanded his goat.

Kartikeya told him that his YAGYA had been accomplished by actual travel of three worlds and there was no need to sacrifice the poor goat to please three worlds. Narada the brahmin went back satisfied.

Brother Ganesha defeating Kartikeya

After Sakand lost to his brother Ganesha in a race to encircle whole universe seven times,which Ganesha symbolically completed by moving 7times around mother Ma Parvati and Shiva.

Sakand got angry and setttled in a place in Tamil Nadu called Palani.

Continuum of Kartikeya

Tamils consider him as “one of their own”. Many people also attribute Tamil culture and language to him. Many temples are raised where ever Tamil people reside in or outside India. However Sakand temples are there throughout India.

Dattatraya as mentor to Kill the demon.

Kartikya got trained in Yoga by Lord Dattatraya

Killing of Demon TARKA-SUR by Kartikeya

Later Kartikeya grew up and killed TARAKASUR.

TARKASUR vowed to kill KARTIKEYA at birth.
Kartikya vel pierced the chest of Demon TARKA-SUR and killed demon .

Kartikeya Kill Brother of Demon


SURA- PADMA as mango tree; split open by KARTIKYA

Tarakasur brother; SURA-PADMA, was later killed again by the vel of Kartikya that split opened a large mango tree; the SURA-PADMA has transformed.

Andhra connect of Kartikeya;

Kartikeya was popular in major cultural centers of ancient India. For example, he was a major god for; the Ikshvakus of Andhra dynasty

Kartikeya Tradition Continuum in 400 AD.Gupta kingdom.

Sakand was well worshipped by  Gupta rulers of India.

Kartikeya as Hero of Kalidas epic poem. 400 AD

Kalidasa’s epic poem Kumar sambhava, features Kartikeya.

Kartikeya Honoured by Pallava rulers;

500 AD India.

In south India, eight of the early   Pallava rulers (300-550 CE) were named after Skanda or Kumara, suggesting the significance of Kartikeya.


Note Murugan vehicle Peacock was well received as gifts in International buissness sites of ancient Indus valley and distant regions like Iran, Persia etc

Kritikas moon mansion & Hindu  festivity

on the 11th day of moon in bright fortnight or shukl paksh of kartik month there is a mention of ritual where king Rishab Vrishabh ( also related to Jainism as well as Vaishnavism) who was offered the drink of sugarcane juice and who inturn ring the bells in ears of Lord Vishnu and woken up from the sleep of six months as there is transition of sun from one tropic  to another ( tropic of Cancer & tropic of Capricorn)

On this day of 11th moon the spiritual guru transmit the power to disciple heart.

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