IVC*6) Celestial animals in Indus seals & address to Datta-treya Shunya Dham ( Destination Zero; no impurity) ; . Puneet code Indus.


Vedic Astronomy & Deep space Hindu cosmology kaal, Mahakaal & Dattatreya Shunya Dham


Moon in Junction of Purvshadha & Uttarashadha

Jambu Dweep

Pusha Dweep, Eagle NEBULA in Serpent constellation



AKAAL ; Simrat Gami DATTATREYA marg Sathan

Lion elephant


as heavenly bodies





16, 26- 37 ADHYAYA



Crocodile & Elephant 

Indra on celestial elephant




junctional line ( Junction of Purvshadha & Uttarashadha)

Eagle, Snake & NECTOR pot of immortality.

🦅 eagle
🐊, 🐘, 🦏 ( Kaal)
Crocodile 🐊, Buffalo 🐄 ( Mahakaal)

Kingdom of immortals

This junction is in line with

BLACK HOLE of Milky way galaxy called JAMBU DWEEP ; called ZOA

BLACK HOLE of IC 1101 galaxy called Pushka Dweep;

Great Attractor called KAAL represented by Buffalo 🐄 & freedom over Kaal by 🐄 holy cow called Kamdhenu.

GIANT ATTRACTOR called MAHAKAAL represented by Rhino, 1000 hood snake shesh naag (Virtually immortal heavenly bodies; with life cycle in trillion of years


Crocodile 🐊= Purv Ashadha Nakshatra ( vehicle for Goddess of water called Apah )

Elephant 🐘= Purv Ashadha Nakshatra

Lion= Moola Nakshatra

Eagle= 🦅 Eagle nebula

Snake= Serpent 🐍 constellation

NECTOR/ Amrit pot of Ambrosia= REDISCOVERED SELF

Represent ZOA of Modern Astronomy sciet

The art in Indus seal as well as other temples in India yield a continuum of Indus culture

The secret astrology of ZOA revealed

The ZOA of modern astronomy is the secret position of Spiritual rituals & festivity that has percolated to Indian mind from ancient practices all over Ancient India including Indus.


Zone of Avoidance

Concept by :  Dr Puneet
painted by: Shristi Malhotra

Black hole of Milky way ( Jamboo dweep)

black hole of largest galaxy in cosmos ( Pushka Dweep) of serpent constellation

Great Attractor ( kaal)

Giant attractor ( mahakaal)

Kingdom of Light ( Nirgun, Gunateet)

All lie in ZOA direction.

The art of ZOA

Crocodile , elephant representing Nakshatra Purv- Ashadha.

Thereby even when Saraswati dried the art , science and traditions of Ancient astrology & astronomy continued in India.

Crocodile related with Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Crocodile and elephant related with Purva- Ashadha Nakshatra

The Sun orbit around 12 constellation out of 88 in zodiac.

The Astrology evolved when ancient people studied the repeated patterns of celestial objects seen at the path of travel for Sun.The Sun travel a defined path in blue sky with limited 12 constellations in the background related to 12 two and fro rounds of moon around earth before next cycle of Sun 🌞 travel starts. The special feature was to notice the constellations at the BACKGROUND of rising Sun at the DAWN on the days of AUTUMN EQUINOX and VENERAL EQUINOX. It is important to note that like 12 positions of hour hand in a clock change postion every hour although background numbers remain fix.


Lion , Elephant, Buffalo, seal

Eagle seal
Dattatreya tradition Continuum

🦅 Eagle yagya fire alters.

Similarly the AUTUMN Equinox position changes every 2000 years although the 12 Greek- Roman constellations remain fixed. In 2020AD the sun is in Virgo constellation till 2050 AD (7 number position of hour hand in our wall clock madel of 12 constellations).

🦁 Lion the Mula and 🐘 elephant with 🐊 crocodile the Purv Ashadha connect.meeting point of Lion tail and Elephant tusk is the secret direction of ZOA in Saggitarius constellation where black hole of Milky way galaxy ( the oldest of Galaxies in cosmos) , black hole of IC 1101 galaxy ( the largest of galaxies in cosmos) as well as Great Attractor ( the most massive single structural anomaly in cosmos) that lies in direction of Shaply Supercluster; all three lies in a straight celestial path called as Gyan, Tap and Sat lok.

Ancient Hindu astrology was very different from GREEK and ROMAN based CONSTELLATION names.

The Hindu system was based on three celestial bodies ( MOON🌛 as well as SUN and EARTH travel background)

360 days& nights in one year are depicted as 360 spokes in VEDAS

where as Greek system was based on two celestial body positions (SUN and earth TRAVEL pathway background).

Two parameter study; BACKGROUND of Sun as well as earth travel study can be easily done with 12 fixed constellations at background.

Three parameter study of 1) BACKGROUND study of Sun,2) Earth 3) as well as moon required MINI- CONSTELLATIONS or 27 nakshatras so as to well study 27 plus one dark phase of moon.

The next dark phase of moon mark start of next HINDU month. These 27 NAKSHTRAS may easily be understood as MINI– constellations with respect to Greek bigger 12 constellations.

The one cycle of Sun travel around 12 constellations take 24,000 years.

Sun actually takes 2000 years to travel across the background of one GREEK CONSTELLATION

where as Sun takes about 900 years to travel across one of total 27 HINDU mini constellations in the sky background.

Lion tail and elephant tusk meeting point

Also it is important to note that in ancient times of Indus civilization around 3000 BC;the EQUINOX months were markedly different from those of today as these days the Sun is positioned in VIRGO constellation for about 2000 years.This means that for our 2000 year time line; on the dawn of the AUTUMN EQUINOX the Sun in NORTHERN HEMISPHERE shall rise with HASTA and UTTRA PHALGUNI mini- constellations (VIRGO constellation of Greek) in background ( nicknamed Hindu HASTA-PHALGUNI AGE or Greek Virgo age). Note in this age; on the day of EQUINOX the sun rises in dawn with VIRGO constellation at background of horizon.

Hindu mini-constellation called HASTA or subdivision around VIRGO constellation.
Hindu mini constellation called Uttara Phalguni a part of VIRGO constellation.

Where as the on the dawn of VENERAL EQUINOX in our 2000 years around 2020; the 🌞 sun shall rise with PISCES in the background ( thus also nicknamed as PISCIAN AGE of GREEK).Similarly during 1000 years of Indus valley times (3000 to 2000 BC) on celestial YEARLY event, dawn of SPRING EQUINOX, the sun used to rise in ancient Indian designated BULLOCK CART NAKSHTRA called ROHINI ;at the background. Thus the BULL was represented as a logo of GOOD LUCK gesture likely by most powerful office of that time in INDUS as this NAKSHATRA is deemed superb and luckiest for many types of buissness activities.Note that in Hindu tradtion the celestial objects are called PIND ( पिण्ड) and the constellation were not the same as that after GREEK or ROMAN GODS but after there own SPACE TRAVEL TALES signifying importance of location of BLACK HOLE ( Vishnu Nabhi), GREAT attractor (kaal), GIANT Attractor ( Mahakaal); along the ELEPHANT mini constellation named PURV ASHADA and the next in line the LION NAKSHATRA called MOOLA (मूला)that corresponds to bigger GREEK constellation of Saggitarius.

The Equinox rise of sun (first in Elephant related nakshatra then in Lion related MOOLA nakshatra for about 2000 years of 5500 BC to 3500 BC) allows one to position elephant below and Lion (not tiger) above.
NIRRITI goddess related to MULA nakshatra; Goddess of dissolution.
MOOLA ( मूला) one of the two mini constellations of SAGITTARIUS constellation.
Diety of Purv ashada nakshatra; the sub Goddess of DIVINE IMMORTAL WATER
Lord Varun( the subgod of rain; the Deity of Purv Ashadha nakshatra
The Stupa representing SUN Dome seen in the background through second structure with gate of LION (the MOOLA nakshatra) and ELEPHANT ( the PURV ASHADA mini constellation); both HINDU mini constellation a part of bigger GreekoRoman based SAGITTARIUS constellation.
Konark temple of Puri Odisha; with STUPA like dome having SUN GOD column right beneath the dome; not to be confused with a Buddhist STUPA dome; with another nearby building depicting on the gates MOOLA nakshatra (represented traditionally by LION) and PURV ASHADA nakshatra (or subconstellation of GREEK Saggitarius constellation) represented by ELEPHANT.

Rest of less heavy weight buissness parties had to choose other animals as their choice on logo say Rhinoceros etc. That is how the first ASTROLOGY aspect of Hindu practice was embibed in seal as CELESTIAL BULL as BULL for ROHINI NAKSHATRA (a part of non Hindu Greek BULL of TAURUS constellation)

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