Harappan Civilization Enigma; Living Legend.              Puneet code Indus.

-about 2000 Indus & Neolithic sites with likely movements within from 7000 BC to 2000 BC.
-5 urban settlements ( Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Dholavira, -Ganewri-wala, Rakhi-garhi).
-About 1000 sites in India
-About 900 in Pakistan
-A few in Afganistan
-Gonur in Turkmenistan -Sahr-i-Sokhta in Iran

Harrapans had buissness transection with
– Persian Gulf
– Mesopotamia
– Egypt

10 years of original work on SIGGY basin civilization ;



Mankind first ever Humanity heritage revealed as never before.





  Indus God Dattatretya ( Vedic & Tantra connect)

Seal one

Three head Diety

Indus Yog  Tantric Diety decoded as Yog Tantrik Guru Dattatraya;

Seal Two

Three heads

Seal Three

Triple heads & headgear
Three headgear, Gorksha asan; empowering Buffalo the vehicle of Yama the Lord of death. Crocodile a vehicle of Deity Varun depicting purvashada sub constellation or Nakshatra

Seal Fourth

Triple headgear, Bhadra asan





called Goraksh asana

(pose of staying youth ever)

Front pose

Side pose; all weight over thighs and heels


Dattayreya as teacher to Parshuram & King Krit-virya Arjuna

Dev ( Brahma- Vishnu- Mahesh); Satith- pragya; Avdhoot; Paramatma.

Triple headgear, Bhadra asan
Triple headgear, Goraksh asan

Three heads of three sub- Gods
Three sub Gods or Dieties ( Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh)

King Krit-virya Arjuna as Disciple of DATTATREYA killed by another desciple of Dattatreya called Parshurama; all in times of Ramayana
Parshuram as DATTATREYA Disciple still an ongoing tradition in India.

Dattayreya Maharaj in GORKSH  (cowhead) or BHADRA asana with three heads. Two Apsara seating on her lap and serving som ras scenario as and when Parshuram Jee went to Dattatreya Maharaj Ashram.

Still worshipped today in various dedicated temples of DATTATREYA across India.


The Indus Medical seal H – 180.

Mankind first medical document decoded.

Newborn with two eyes and four limbs with umbilical cord.

Seal describe the delivary process.


Vedic architectural layout reveal structure of       4460 BC.

South entry ( non auspicious) of water bath

North exit ( auspicious) of water bath

Satellite view of water bath ( ? first for holy dip) and Dattatreya Satupa ( ?later for foot print worship). Notice the walkway for circumabulation.

In Vedic age ; Entry gate is made as per direction of rising 🌞 sun on early morning of Autumn Equinox.

Therefore the change in autumn Equinox angle can give age of temple.

The angle of AUTUMN EQUINOX changes about one degree every 72 years.

Now a days AUTUMN EQUINOX happen in VIRGO constellation.

Thus if there is a change of say about 90 degree implies about 6480 years have undergone, that means the Dome gate was built around about 4460 BC.

Satellite view of  Vedic Akshar Dham Delhi India; showing very same architecture water bath ( with holy statue at auspicious end)  with Satupa ( with foot sandle worship).


Indus Priest decoded as powerful King

Indus King Priest powers decoded by his dress (Third eye forehead band etc)

Dress Studded with exceptional gems.

Slant at back of skull region to accommodate head aura gear.

Slanting head aura discs examplified centuries later too.

Statue may topple if head gear for back of head aura is too heavy ; so a huge headgear will need a slant and support by rod to avoid toppling of especially an erect statue.


Indus seal Cauldron; see by yourself

Cauldron infront of single horn bull with handle, design and stand and smoke.

Never ever coded like this real Cauldron.(see YouTube; Puneet code IVC).

Outer pot with holes as well as special internal canals or channels with in the sheet of outer pot.

Indus Cauldron decoded as smoke producing tool; made of silver or gold to ward off evil spirits.

even used today in Asia at temples or supermarkets.

YouTube video;


Single horn bull; celestial Bull

Indus single horn bull decoded as celestial Bull related to full moon associated with month of TAURUS constellation.

Vernal equinox

( not Autumn equinox)

in Taurus constellation around mature INDUS

3500 BC to 1500 BC.


The Astrology in Indus seals; Nakshatras

Siddha asan yogi in Samadhi.

one person with Vajra ( tool) killing buffalo.Wide horn buffalo associated with Lord of death.Act signifies victory over death.



Crocodile.                     (Purv Ashadh Nakshatra)

Elephant -tusk          (Purv Ashadh Nakshatra)

Lion-  tail.                        (Mula Nakshatra)    


Tail and tusk together; all animals walking towards God Dattatreya ; except elephant so that both nakshatras ( Purv Ashad and Mula) are revealed in seal Art. Wonderful astrology art.

Buffalo ( Kaal, BH)

Eagle.                     ( Serpent constellation eagle nebula)

Snake ( Vasuki/ later Basuki by Greek) serpent constellation with largest Galaxy in our universe IC1101.


Victory before one dies; destruction of ignorance; from darkness ( physical) to whole divine body

Resurrected Simrat margi

   club of immortals

🦁 Lion & 🐘 elephant ( representing junction of Mula and Purv Ashadha Nakshatra) in place of crocodile ( Purv Ashadha Nakshatra) and buffalo 🐄 seen along with a person in samadhi in this seal. Also note Samadhi , buffalo and crocodile connect in first seal.

crocodile vehicle of Vedic  Goddess of water (Aph) related with Purv Ashadha Nakshatra, linked with water of immortality Ambrosia; Amrit.

Nakshatra culture continuum

Indus Valley civilization was well spread throughout North and South India and the Heritage has percolated into Sanskrit as well as the Tamil culture of current day with same characters and vocabulary especially Vaishnav Diety Dattatreya and Shiva son Kartikey as well shown by Dr Puneet BREAKTHROUGH.

In fact very many  vocabularies have percolated in 3000 BC into Indo iranian & and Indo Greek culture from Indus valley Vedic & tantrik culture like Water Diety Apah as Ap related words for water in Tamil, Sanskrit, Indo Iranian, Indo Greek languages.

stone works of Purv Ashadha Nakshatra & Mula junction.


Elephant 🐘 & Lion 🦁 combo ; the junction of Mula & Purv Ashadh Nakshatras.
Aerial view to show Nakshatra away from Sun  represented by large central dome and sun 🌞 wheels on walls;  nakshatras at a distance.
Dholavira seal with eagle
Kalibanga fire 🔥 worship pit holes ? Vedic ?

ZOA (Zone of avoidance ) in line of junction of two Nakshatras. One nakshatra called Purvashada related to crocodile and elephant  whereas the second one is Mula related to Lion.
ZOA , Black hole and eagle nebula, Serpent constellation in line of Mula and Purvashada junctional line that is modern Sagittarius constellation.
Milky way at far end of Laniakea supercluster ; with IC 1101 galaxy’s Black hole in serpent constellation; Great Attractor;  and Giant Attractor in one zone called ZOA ( Zone of avoidance)

Giant attractor surrounded by Great Attractor;

Great Attractor surrounded by superclusters ( coma, Laniakea, Shapley)

Milky way called JAMBU DWEEP  and IC1101 called PUSHKA DWEEP in Hindi text.

Art concept by Author.                          Note Crocodile,Elephant,  Lion, in circle of Nakshatras; Eagle, snake, NECTOR pot in serpent constellation ( with Pushka Dweep galaxy IC 1101) ; far Away from Milky way ( Jambu Dweep). The Trinity Brahma ( gross) Atomic panch-bhoot; Subtle( Shiva) Darkmatter; Vishnu sustainer ( antimatter) ; all revealed and originate from COMBO Dattatreya Principle.

Painting describing ZOA with Sun in line of Purv Ashadha ( crocodile & Elephant); milky way  Black hole, IC 1101 galaxy Black hole (in  serpent constellation & near eagle nebula)  as well as Great Attractor . ZOA in line of junction of two nakshatras represented by 🐊 crocodile, 🐘 elephant tusk (purv ashadh)and 🦁 Lion tail ( Mula).Lord Vishnu part of Dattatreya  represent the powerful Great Attractor. Brahma part of Dattatreya the Atomic manifested gross dimension ( anu and Parmanu); Shiva Parvati part of Dattatreya by lion 🦁 Durga rides.


The Indus Birthday seal

Indus Newborn Birthday seal of Kartikeya; son of Lord Shiva & Ma Parvati.

Six headed Diety Kartikeya; son of Shiva

Kartikeya was nursed by six of seven Karitkas; 7 wives of 7 rishies  (wise man with white beard).

Newborn offered to Mahamaya Gautami; one of the 7 wives of Rishis that had the boon of remaining ever a virgin (  and childless).

Story how the six headed war Diety was born was written by famous Sanskrit writer Kalidas during Gupta period around 500 AD.

Comments by SHIV SHANKAR MAHESHWARI on Whatsapp

Dear Puneet Ji,

Really wonderful work is done by relating Dattatreya ancient history relating to All three God and that too pre-existing like centuries ago. Importance of Goraksh Aasan of staying ever youth.
I feel, to make this you might have put so hard work. Mostly people understand the Art as Bhagawan Shiv ji only as but your research and total meaning gives crystal clarity that this of all three God, Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji and Shiv Ji.

Thanks for all enlightening.
Can we open your face book message related to this topic on MacBook also?


    1. Source:- Bhagavat Puran
      There was a king named Gadhi (pronounced gaadhi). He had a daughter named Satyavati. A sage named Richik wanted to marry Satyavati. But the king GADHI did not find Richik as suitable husband for Satyavati.

      King Gadhi did not want to directly deny the Rishi Richik. He thought of a plan so that Richik himself felt that he was not a worthy husband for daughter Satyavati.King Gadhi came up with an idea. He decided to put a difficult condition to Rishi Richik. He asked Richik to bring one thousand ( WHITE) horses, each shining as moon, and each having one BLACK ear.

      Richik had to fulfill this condition in order to marry Satyavati. Gadhi was under impression that Richik would not be able to fulfill the condition. After all he was so poor; how could he bring so many WHITE horses with one BLACK ear?

      The sage Richik worshipped Deity Varuna. Varuna gave Rishi Richik one thousand horses of the kind that king Gadhi had asked for. Richik gave the horses to King Gadhi. Now King Gadhi had no choice. He married Satyavati to poor Rishi Richik


  1. Please note that RISHI RICHIK was Grandfather of PARSHURAM and Rishi JAMADAGNI was his son.
    I have DECODED one Indus seal as PARSHURAMA INDUS SEAL. Also note that horses were not for ordinary village or city people rather for KINGS & WARRIORS ALONE.


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