Puneet code Harappan Priest- King ( Rishi-raj) tradition decoded; Puneet Code indus.

Figurine from Mohenjodaro ( BBC DOCUMENTARY)
Indus Priest & ? Monkey God ( BBC documentary on Mohenjodaro ( commentary by Wheeler)

Priest King as mentioned in Samveda

The transformation

Third eye of Shiva in forehead
Third eye studied with costly gem like say diamond.

Donot consider the dress as simple cloth.

Cloth pattern having holes drilled to engage with costly gems

A statue in modern India studded with costly stones and gems.

Heavy head gear need back support.

Heavy head gear need heavy back up.

Slant at back of scalp avoid toppling of statue by heavy, head aura representing structure.

These kind of head aura gears are still an ongoing practice to dress various dieties in temples of modern India.

Heavy head gear without backup support need a slant to handle the weight

Back headgear depicting KRIYA YOGA stage of KEELAK or TRIKUTI activation.

Trefoil pattern in important profile persona


RISHI RAJ YAYATI son Yadu as desciple of Yog Guru Datta-treya.

Eyes focussing on tip of nose

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