Puneet code; Harappan first MEDICAL SEAL CRACKED. Puneet code Indus.

Dental care

Drilled teeth of Mehrgarh
Drilled beads ( British Museum, London) ?? likely a start for Dental surgery

?Wound stiching

Buttons , Needles & thread ( BBC) a start for ?? Wound suturing??

Eye care

Soot ( Kajal ) application tool (BBC) as a start for removing ?? foreign bodies? & Eye surgery.

Indus seal H180

depicting safe Delivary

( Puneet code)

The seal misread

( Myth) plant growing from birth canal)

Misunderstood easily as aberrant mythology acts 1) ??plant coming out of private part ( mother birth canal) of Bhu Devi and claimed to be ??? holy plant leading to the start of Ayurveda tradition ??? 2) Other mention as Vehicle of Varuna deity ( the Gariyal , a variant of crocodile) having act of copulation with female deity.

( Buster) Goddess Maitre of safe birth

Safe birth to physical as well as Spiritual (Dvij- the second born) body.

Indus seal side 1


The physcial delivery of physcial baby.

The Tigers Goddess

Two Tigers abandoned by Delivering Goddess

TIGER Deity;seal 2 Tripura Sundari

Mata Tripura Sundari is incarnation of Mata Parvati shown holding two tigers.

TIGER Deity; seal 3 Tripura Sundari

Female power handling two tigers.

Mata Tripura Sundari is incarnation of Mata Parvati. Worshipped on 3rd day of gupt navratri festival whereas Bala TRIPUR SUNDARI is daughter of shiv and parvati. Also bala tripur sundari is Wife of King Nahusha & mother of famous King Yayati who in turn was father to King Yadu ( who was also a desciple of Datta-treya Tradition).

The umbilical cord

Part of seal showing newly born just delivered with umbilical cord attached to placenta that is still attached to Uterus.
Just delivered Newborn with umbilical cord being clamped
Umbilical cord looks like a twisted rope or braided long hairs of Goddess.
Umbilical cord described in seal as braided hair

Indus seal side 2


The Sugarcane Goddess ( Mata Matre)

Sugarcane on head with sagging effect
Other side of seal with same Inscriptions describe Goddess spiritual poweress to yield sweet sugar juice , the man is begging in bowl.

Indus seal depicting Sugarcane on female head with sagging long leaves epitomizes the KUNDALINI JAGRAN ( spiritual awakening) of spinal cord ( shudra, Vaish, Shatriya, Brahmin) represented by rod like LOWER part of sugarcane & Brain related ( Bhrikuti, Trikuti & Sahastradhara chakra) represented by UPPER (sagging , fountain like leaves) part of sugarcane.

sugarcane leaves bending like stream of water fountain ⛲ like sensation after keelak or Trikuti jagran.
Water curving down like leaves of sugarcane.
Mehrgarh seal of Datta-treya with fountain head representing one of the trinity.


Two standing  tigers,


& delivery


Tripura Sundari Adi Devi Mata poweress for

giving rise to human birth as well as Spiritual birth ( Dvij)




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