SS*7) 5 Swastika Indus seal Enigma cracked.                       5 cosmic bodies in line of ZOA & 5 levels of Spiritual awareness.

5 Spiritual awareness levels during lifetime

Leading to sixth level of Moksha ( or RESURRECTION)

5 Swastika represent five levels of cosmic creation as serially achieved during spiritual cosmic consciousness of Datta-treya Tradition.

1) Jeev / human

2) Kshar

3) Akshar

4) Pra

5) Pratpar in lifetime &

6) Pooran Brahm after death of a person in fifth level ( note Divine personas or Avatars  are said to be born, live & resurrect in fifth level).

GITA, UPNISHAD, RAMAYANA, VEDAS define five levels of the Spiritual awareness one Jeev or human need to achieve in lifetime.

5 corresponding axis of cosmic bodies.

Central celestial body as AXIS, having two bodies moving around the axis; one in a smooth NON zigzag round fashion; another doing circumbulation in a ZIG-ZAG ( to & fro) fashion with respect to AXIS. Away from axis  motion is called Dakshin-ayan & towards the central Axis motion is called Uttar-ayan motion.

These 5 swastikas of 5 levels of spiritual awareness correspond to five axis of celestial bodies

1)BRAHMAA of Datta-treya Tradition/ RUDR of Shaivism Tradition

Clockwise movement of planets around if seen from South end and Anti-clock wise if seen from North end.

1a) sun axis with  earth & moon around axis ( moon to & fro, like Saraswati script). Note human born in a fixed moon mansion.

1b) sun axis with  earth & moon around axis ( moon moves to & fro, like Saraswati script). Moon moves 12 times to & fro around Sun ( 24 spokes) .one spoke with 15 days ( 1 dark moon + 14 bright moons )

5 AXIS COSMOLOGY ( solar system; Galaxy system; Great Attractor; Giant Attractor; multiverse system)

2) MAHESH of Shaivism/

Sun 🌞 takes 29 crore or 290 million years to move around the black hole; each year position represent a deity.

Brahmaa central  axis with Surya Dev around axis ( 12,000 To & fro,like Saraswati script );total 24,000 arms of 12,000 spikes, each spike of Zigzag sun move is 12,000 years, thus one zig Zag move of sun around Brahmaa axis is 28.8 crore years ( same number of Deities ABOUT 29 CRORE said to be there in HINDU PANTHEON).


Great Attractor pulling in surrounding superclusters of own group like our home Great Attractor pulling our home supercluster called Lineakea and nearby superclusters of Coma, Shaply and Perceius Pisces etc.

Vishnu Nabhi ( kaal; dark matter) axis with Brahma kamal or Jambu-dweep or Pushka-dweep etc around axis


Maha-Vishnu of Vaishnava; Maha Kaal of Shaivs; non moving axis ( one golden egg; antimatter) with many KAAL moving to & fro (with a total of  koti koti or simply 100 trillion galaxies around Mahakaal).


One universe ( part of multi- universe system)
Multiple universe shown as multiple fixed faces churning tons of matter or site of BIG CRUNCH or Parlay as well as Big Bang. This multi-verse system is around KINGDOM OF LIGHT called Brahm lok or Brahman in Vedas or SHUNAY SHIKHER ( land of Divine light with zero or nil impurity) in as last axis

Brahm lok ( Divine; strange matter) non moving fixed  axis with multiple say 24,000 fixed Maha-KAAL around it but arranged in to & fro fashion like Saraswati HALUKA script.

5 AXIS COSMOLOGY; Krishan paksh & Shukl paksh of Moon, Sun, Kaal ( Great attractor) , Mahakaal ( Giant Attractor), Multiple fixed Mahakaals ( shown as multiple faces of KOL creator)

Direction of rotation

(around five different axis)

The swastikas are arranged as:






Solar system when observed from North end seem to have planets revolving in anti-clock position and same planetary system seems to move clockwise when observed from south celestial side. 👍

Thus five directions clearly shows that one needs to be on a specific side ( either north or south) of the (rotational axial discs) system like

 1) solar system,

2) Galaxy system,

3)Great attractor system,

4) Giant attractor system

5)Brahm or Hari Or Kingdom of light alone( Brahm Prakash) system .

These five levels of awareness are depicted as five levels of Spiritual light in all religions of world.

1) 1a) Jeev & 1b) Shar;

1a) man 1b) son of Man; Rudr of SHAIVISM; Lahutee

2) Akshar; son of God; Hutee; Mahesh of SHAIVISM;

3) Pra; Holy Ghost ; Shankar of Vaishnava; Shankarshan of Vaishnava; Hahutee

4) Pratpar; ; Brahm swaroop in lifetime ( living along with Spiritual light) ; Holy Father; Maha-kaal or SDA SHIV of SHAIVISM ; Maha- Vishnu of VAISHNAV; Param- Atma of Geeta , Sankhaya yog; Tajjaliyae Jaat

5) Pooran ; land of ADEE DEV BRAHM prakash of vedas most pure with zero impurity; ADEE SHIV & Adee Mata Tripura Sundari of SHAIVISM; NARAYAN HARI of Vaishnava; ( Adam & Eve); ( Nirvaan) Spiritual light body alone without physical body; Resurrected in Kingdom of Light; Bka

Decoding rest

DRUM represent HOLY SOUND ( Aum/ Amen/ Amin )

celestial🐅 Tiger represent Mula Vedic Nakshatra a part of Saggitarius constellation represent start of AKASH MARG or HOLY DEEP SPACE JOURNEY connecting all most powerful celestial bodies like Black hole of largest galaxy in our home universe ( IC 1101 or Vedic Pushkar Dweep) to land of immortals or spiritual light ( ADEE DEV)

Corresponding celestial animal seal of Trimurti Datta-treya ( Samrit Margi or Akash Marg or Deep space journey celestial bodies represented by celestial animals)
Celestial holy path still represented as celestial Elephant and celestial tiger combo in various modern Hindu temple entry gates.
Konark Sun temple Odisha India
Three structures
1a) Main gate of structure 1, seen through platform of structure 2.
1b) start of main entrance, structure 3 ; Celestial Lion & celestial elephant of Vedic Nakshatras that form parts from modern Saggitarius constellation ; at entrance of Sun temple ; representing ZOA tradition of Indus culture.
Pyramid Giza at Egypt. Related Indus traditional celestial tiger ( Mula Vedic Nakshatra mini constellation, a part of the Saggitarius constellation) modified as Sphinx at entrance of Pyramid pointing to modern Saggitarius constellation

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