Puneet code ;DHOLAVIRA Lifestyle 4000 BC ; Holy city of Datt-atreya. (son of Atri an Ancient Indigenous Vedic Author)

Datt-atreya holy land ; west India
West India backwater region;               two islands and nearby delta of Indus as well as Ghaggar Hakra Ancient rivers
Two islands around backwater;          one bigger & one smaller.
The bigger  island called Kachchh    ( looks like inverted turtle)
Smaller island called Khadir Bet with DHOLAVIRA; BLACK HILL ( Kalo Dungar) across  the other end in Greater Island ( facing each other across sea water; both with Shikher temples of Lord Datta-treya at highest points of the region)
The smaller  Island harbouring DHOLAVIR is called KHADIR BET.
Islands & back water area ; greater island called Kucch as it looks like an INVERTED TURTLE
The smaller island harbours DHOLAVIRA , between two rivulets called — Mansar and Manhar. 
124 acres
Digging start
R.S. Bisht, former Joint Director-General of the Archaeological Survey of India.
RS Bist
The find
Dholavira , between two rivulets of Gaggar river called — Mansar and Manhar. 


Michel Danino


Length of city based on trigonometry ( triangle study )

ratio of city to Middle town= x (say 3)

Ratio of Middle town to Castle = x ( say 3)

Trigonometry & ratios used well

108 angulas as unit of length

9 meter wide road for non residential areas
5 meters road ( likely used metric system)
Made from bricks with defined ratios
Geometrical structures likely for holy activities

related to

Sun moves in defined 27 vedic Nakshatras ,each with 4 phases,thus totally 108 (27×4) points.

108 sun 🌞 positions related to 108 beads of rosary

108 sun positions likely related to well followed Ancient ritual of 108 times anti-clock circum-ambulation to Kailash mountain ( the main origin region of river Indus)

Sun is about 108 times ,the sun diameter , distanced from the earth

Moon is about 108 times, the moon diameter, distanced from the earth.

THE HOLY TEMPLE PALACE OF PRIEST KING 👑 ( Raj Rishi as defined in Indigenous Vedas)

( not castle and Bailey; a false superimposition of non vedic tradition in indigenous setting )

Shikar based Indus inhabitation; Shiker called as Castle by Western understanding & King 👑 priest royal family dwelling as Bailey. The area for Holy gatherings, festivities like full moon etc called stadium by Western traditions. Middle class people living in middle town. Financial lowest class living in lower class.
Note Shikher buliding (the Citadel & Bailey) at top most highest side harbouring the DHOLAVIRA BOARD
Holy site Sandwiched between two rivers ; Mannar river & Manhar river
Fortified Shiker temple & admin residential structure of Hindu tradition on most pious highest side. ( corresponding named as castle & Bailey )
City gate
Slab locking system
Door lock
Pillar making stone factory
Temple Cum Admin structure located in highest spot of locality. Water body along with temple arranged in NORTH SOUTH direction, same as Great water bath of Mohenjodaro.
Fortified Shikher temple ( seat of spiritual power of Priest King); gate opening towards pious holy North; with stadium outside North gate of temple.
Shikar based Indus inhabitation
Site older then the Great Pyramid of Giza

Weapons of war



Sea connect
Spear heads, beads, metal objects for export through sea


16 large water tanks
Filled by flood water of both rivers
Interconnected with underground canals
Interconnected with underground canals
Draining canal


Industrial activities

DHOLAVIRA BOARD on Door of Holy place cum Palace of Holy priest 👑 king.

Fortification of Dholavira in Background & fortification of stadium or prayer assembly in forefront & SHIKHER ( castle & Bailey ) own fortification with door.
The SHIKHER structure with walls all around & a gate at the entrance. The gate has the famous DHOLAVIRA BOARD. Priest King family palace cum Darbar complex
The slope facilitating Gravitational drainage of water; holy north on top.
Dholavira board on Gate of Holy site
Dholavira board with letters
Gypsum inlay letters in Wooden board
Wooden board with Gypsum inlays declaring region as Yog Guru Datta-treya blessed.

Description of Dholavira board by ASI

Most auspicious construct; spoked wheel like construct comes four times. All constructs represent alphabets.


Datt-atreya Tradition

Holy tree of Datta-treya tradition; ?likely the wooden board may be of wood from same Holy tree?.
Vedic connect with Holy tree also linked with Yoga Tradition of Lord Datta-treya.
Holy tree linked with Tantra & Yog Guru Datta-treya Hari , Soma, Vedic yagya,Iksh- vaku dynasty etc.

The wooden board is likely to be made up from ficus racemosa plant wood as Gular is strongly linked with Yog Guru Datta-treya tradition & headgear too is shown as plant reed with Gular leaves looking like peepal tree.

Fortified SHIKHER structure dedicated to Yog Guru Tantra TRADITION Lord Datta-treya ( father Atri Vedic tradition)
SHIKHER tradition well established in chain of Himalayas Spiritual tradition right from ice age; thus building worship places at top of mountain 🏔️ is an well established ancient Indian tradition which made it compulsory to raise a mountain like Shiker at Dholavira as a place of worship and spiritual power for King Priest who had the palace adjacent to SHIKHER temple  for Royal ceremonies & day to day Governance with designated ministers and expert counsellors.

Peak of ice age was in the period from 14000 B.C. to 12000 B.C.

During period from 15000 B.C. to 9000 B.C. eurasian continent was covered with an ice of 1/2 to 2 km thick ice Sheet.

Europe – Russia – Siberia – Khazakhastan – Kirgizistan – Tajikhistan – Tibet – Mongolia – North China etc., were all covered with a sheet of ice and unfit for Human Settlements except for SIDDHAS & AVADHOOT ; general population lived in foothills and land around basins of mighty Indus and holy Saraswati. Saraswati was declared Holy as the Indus river turns and twist towards Saraswati and merges into Saraswati at the merger of both rivers near Island harbouring the holiest of holy site Dholavira.

Father of Yog Yantra Guru Datta-treya ( Rishi Atri) was author of 5th Chapter of Rig-Veda. Thus around 3333 BC Vedic & Yogic Tradition were contemporary and evolved hand in hand. The Veda is wriiten as Divisions and then as subdivided as Chapters thus when modified over times the Division & chapters remained same thereby it appears that they were written in 1500 BC whereas that is likely the time they were last revised.
??ANCIENT India?? Areas named after sons of Yayati named Anu, Puru, Turvasha, Druhyu, Yadu.
Dholavira people wearing cotton dresses
People living with Vedic & Yogic Tradition hand in hand.
Datta-treya temple at Shikher or Citadel and water bodies at sides.
Stadium for Holy events
Holy place of worship & residential for King priest
Stadium infront of Holy place
Steps for audience
16 water reservoirs
Massive water reservoir
Outlet for flood water
Wide roads
Special ratios kept in mind during town planning
Seral water tanks to store & supply water year around.
Deep water reservoir
Deep water reservoir
Deep water reservoir
Polished pillar stump
Buissness with Mesopotamia
Connect with others
Beads buissness with Mesopotamia
The smooth round pillar base.
The wall


Dholavira stone with Inscriptions discovered at South wall of Castle ( SHIKHER)
Dholavira Stone discoverer.
Water storage tank


Seals for Holy activities, business activities & gate entry.
?? Consortium or Principalities  of three friendly King Priests
Eagle/ falcon / Garud seal of very high Spiritual significance
Dholavira seals


Chess like game


DHOLAVIRA circular graves


from Ancient to Modern

Modern Datta-treya Hari 🙏 Shikher temples

SHIKHER TEMPLE TRADITION followed in all major city sites of Indus , previously called castle.
Datta-treya Trimurti Temple at Shikher of BLACK MOUNTAIN ( KALI DONGRI) & near Ancient Dholavira


( Black hill top at Big island)

Kalo Dungar is the highest point in Kutch, Gujarat, India, at 462 m.

It is located at 97 km from District headquarters of Bhuj and 25 km from nearest town Khavda.

Two ranges are available in the Black Hill:

1) Kala Hill

Kala Hill is the northern hill

2) Gora Hill (White Hill).

Gora hill is the southern hill.

Datta-treya temple at Black hill on Big Island
Datta-treya Trimurti inside Temple with Cauldron like object
Lord Datta-treya Hari ( triple headed statue; representing creation, sustaining and dissolution spiritual power & not Physical aspect) with holy cow.

Datta-treya temple at modern Khadir bet ( small island)

Keeping Tradition alive
Modern temple of Lord
Keeping Tradition alive


carrying the torch light of tradition from Ancient Dholavira

1) Datta-treya Sampradaya 

Datta-treya Hari sampradaya (sect) in Modern India.


MAHA-ANUBHAV panth of Datta-treya HARI Tradition


NATH PANTH of Datta-treya Hari Tradition well established in Nepal & India.


Father of Datta-treya Hari & author of 5 mandla of Rig-Veda.

Shree N D Modi jee, now the Prime minister of India, mentioned the rich heritage of Dholavira during President of USA, Mr Trump,  visit to India.