IVC CS 7) Indus Priest decoded; Puneet Code.

Priest King as mentioned in Samveda Donot consider the dress as simple cloth. Cloth pattern having holes drilled to engage with costly gems A statue in modern India studded with costly stones and gems. Heavy head gear need back support. Heavy head gear need heavy back up. These kind of head aura gears are still […]

IVC*6)Indus art, architecture & Astronomy traditions. Dr Puneet code IVC.

Lion, Elephant, Crocodile; Eagle, Snake & NECTOR pot of immortality. SECRET STRAIGHT SPATIAL DIRECTION Eagle= 🦅 Eagle nebula Snake= Serpent 🐍 constellation NECTOR/ Amrit pot of Ambrosia= REDISCOVERED SELF Crocodile 🐊= Purv Ashadha Nakshatra ( vehicle for Goddess of water called Apah) Elephant 🐘= Purv Ashadha Nakshatra Lion= Moola Nakshatra Represent ZOA of Modern Astronomy […]

IVC*4)Kartikeya Birthday Indus seal; Dr Puneet code; Indus seal case study 4.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY; Kartikeya newborn Indus seal Family details Parents of Kartikeya Father ; Shiva SHAIV-ISM ( शैव्य) in 2 minutes Mother; Ma Parvati Sibling of Kartikeya Brother of Kartikeya; Ganesha Sister of Kartikeya; Ashoka Sundari (married to Nahusha; son= Yayati; Grandsons= Puru, Yadu, Anu, Turvashu, Druhyu) Nephew of Kartikeya First Chakarvarti King of Bharat ; […]

IVC 5*) Decodin ASANA of Indus seal;Puneet code; Indus seal case study 5

Living Legend, Indus Revived India Lost & Found Bhadra Asana Goraksh asana Pose of staying ever youth. Ancient ever young Guru 8000 BC tradition documented later 3000 BC. 8000 BC 2020 AD PUNEET CODE Modern biology Skin supply of heel and anus; same sacral nerve supply Same skin supply for asan related points; heel &  […]

IVC*3)Datta Mantra ; Dr Puneet code; Indus seal case study 3

Lord Datta Mantra Three faced Trinity Three faces are representative of all inclusive (unified) power the Dattatraya persona has to create all three forms of matter & energy upon manifestation. Two crescent moon like head gear on each sides. Middle headgear of Peepal twig. DATTATREYA MANTRA The one-, six-, eight-, twelve-, and sixteen-syllabled mantras of […]

IVC*2) Dattatreya & Parshuram seal . Dr Puneet code;Indus seal case study 2

Dattatraya Hari & Parshuram; Disciple meets Yog Guru. Indus seal revealingYog Guru; Dattatraya in Siddha asana;  being visited by student Parshuram for initiation. Yog Guru Dattatraya HARI or Datt; the living legend The giver of spiritual Divine light. Indus seal depicts BHAGWAN  DATTATREYA MAHARAJ, as three heads depicting three in one, collective power ( seed […]


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