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Breakthrough Decoding BRICK circular structure WITH HOLE MOHENJODARO ; MD PUNEET CODE IVC

?? YAGNA?? HOLE DECODED 🙏RICE BRAWN EXTRACTION HOLE 🙏 Two long wooden poles to thrash rice out the skin off the dry seeds especially to cook a SWEET RICE ( KHEER) preparation. Still used in remote villages of Himachal Pradesh. Note KHEER preparation is a known tradition with GORAKH NATH SECT of DATTA-TREYA. Same technique […]

Part 3 Does Indus Valley belong to Hindus???Darkness to Divinity

MEDIA CONFERENCE ; INDUS VALLEY BREAKTHROUGH BY PUNEET CODE INDUS . COM DISCUSSION will be Live Telecast on Friday 13th November from 10.30 AM on V4News, Global TV, V4Stream, Malanadu TV, News Gaon Se, SAMVAAD SAROKAR NEWS, Facebook & YouTube.Live on V4Stream👇🏻https://youtu.be/vzgYGvEmCY4 Live on Global TV👇🏻https://globaltv.in/live/ Live on Global TV👇🏻https://globaltv.in/live/

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