Harappan like script on Sci- fi UFO 👽 like* saviour space vehicle of 1980 Rendlesham forest. ( Dr Gupta Harappan code 2021 ). Light wins Darkness.



Book by Nick Pope ; an ex employ of Ministry of Defence for Britain ; living in USA.
Author Former Director of UFO office UK ministry of Defence ( MOD)

The Book -2

The News 1980 Christmas 🎄

Official landing

The Geography ( near London)

Forest between two air bases in UK; site of UFO landing
Forest between two British Royal Air Force base.
Forest between two air bases in UK; site of UFO landing
Airbase UK

Two UFO encounters

(within three days)

first UFO encounter

26 Dec 1980

Two witness

( Jim & John of USA air force)

Then in 1980; two persons who encountered UFO on Day 1
East Gate
The landing marks of the UFO on ground.
Jim after retirement
Picturization of Black glass like UFO. ( ? Robo from mother ship? )
Sketch by Jim
Sketch by Jim, Side view of UFO ( ? ROBO from mother ship ?)
Sketch by Jim, Front view
Sketch by Jim ; top view

The witness of second encounter ( Charles & Team)

The second encounter ; by Deputy Base Commander & team.
The Official report
Radar localized high speed objects in Sky and forest area; facts revealed after retirement as off fear of loosening jobs (? for not being able to identify objects on radar on duty?).

Now a famous UFO tourist attraction

Now site of landing a tourist attraction
A peep through woods into a black bright object
The model of UFO ( ? Robo from mother ship?)
Indus script like Writings on side panel
Indus script like writings on side panel
Symmetrical Indus valley civilization like script
Script model

The Picturization of encounters

Excellent TV Movie documentary by James Fox

First encounter with Jim & John

Day 1 encounter
Picturization of event ; Approaching lights
Robo Aircraft module Landed on three tripods.
Landing in the clearing.
Picturization of event; Day 1 encounter; (?Robo landing stearing through woods from nearby mother ship?) Both US air force men ( Jim & John) Approaching the ? Robo Aircraft
Jim felt high electro- magnetic activity and gravitational aberration & alteration around the craft . He found Indus like Inscriptions on body of craft.
Picturization of event; Blinking Indus script letters

The mystery script decoding

3 feet long
6 inch tall

The Ancient Symmetrical constructs.

Symmetrical Indus valley like constructs ; all well represented in various Indus seals.
Mystery Inscriptions
Mystery Inscriptions

Breakthrough; Puneet code UFO (Indus)

Puneet code IVC; ( on YouTube) first to point out the link with Indus script writing on UFO like object
Jim notes
Jim notes

Decoding Use of Indus script & Indus Tradition in this Sci- fi setting

Inscription constructs well represented in Indus valley civilization objects like seal , copper plates etc.
The Indus alphabets hidden behind the flashing lights of Inscriptions.
Corresponding Indus seal constructs
Lord Datta-treya Trimurti ( note head gear)
Corresponding Indus copper plate using similar constructs
Corresponding Indus seal using similar constructs
Triangle & stick construct
Triangle construct
Corresponding Indus seal using similar constructs
Flickering triangle construct (?yielded trance like state by electromagnetic rays emissions).
?The electromagnetic TRANCE ( samadhi) through flashing 📐 triangle & circle ⭕ construct ( light transmission; Shaktipaat)?
0,1 binary code of Jim notebook
Binary code seen by Jim in trance ( called Samadhi in Kriya Yoga of Ancient India right from days of Indus Yoga master called Datta-treya)

The Trance ( Binary code of Jim)

Binary Code of Jim notebook; a computer code (of future space  travel in  ZOA ( Zone of Avoidance) as it connected various places on earth with code for deep space  ZOA travel .

Ancient code of ZOA ( Akash Marg; Simrat Margi) tradition of Time travel & teleportation.

Tiger, Eagle, pot of Ambrosia ( code of ZOA)

Jim binary code decoded as joining dots for Time travel Tradition of Indus Yog Guru Datta-treya.

Deep space time travel ( Datta-treya Indus seal connect)

1) Celestial Lion of Indus seal

( Mula nakshatra or sub- constellation of Saggitarius)

Tiger Sphinx lion 🦁 related to Lion constellation Mula ( in direction of ZOA) well depicted in Indus seal
Indus seals in each hand ( note the size)
Lion representing Mula Nakshatra or sub- constellation of Saggitarius constellation.
Divine being Lord Datta-treya shown along with “his representative sphinx” so that the tail and the tusk of the two animals come near to each other (tail of Lion & tusk of Elephant represent the junctional line of two Vedic Nakshatras ( from sagittarius constellation) as well as direction of modern ZOA.
Datta-treya the three headed Lord tradition representative of three cosmic power of creation, sustainance & dissolution ( also time traveller & Simrat Gami as shown in Indus seal).

The celestial Eagle

part of Serpent constellation

Eagle 🦅 well linked with Indus Eagle Yagna performed all over Saraswati river as it was the one with maximum of earliest Harappan sites before 2000 BC.
Eagle fire yagya ceremony ( an Indus valley civilization Tradition) still carried out in India
Eagle in Indus seal
Dholavira Indus seal showing celestial Eagle

The celestial bodies line of ZOA

(deep space route connecting big 5)

Sun & moon

Black hole of IC 1101 (in line of celestial lion & celestial elephant of Indra/ Iravat- ZOA)

Great Attractor ( ZOA)

Giant Attractor ( ZOA)


Realm of Divine light ( Brahm Dham / Hari Dham / Kingdom of light)

Sun 🌞 Diety temple representing the very first swastika of the five swastika of Indus seal ( decoded by Puneet Code IVC)
The lost island of Immortals (representing  something like Brahm Dham of immortals; the light of lights; the light beam that corrects all)

Decoding the space track of Divine beings (MODERN ZOA)

Junction of two mini Vedic constellations

Mula Nakshatra (part of modern Sagittarius constellation) represented by Lion (sphinx of pyramid)

Purvashadha nakshatra ( part of modern Sagittarius) represented by Elephant

Lion & Elephant combo at various temples in India including famous Sun temple of Konark

Lion & elephant combo at an Indian Hindu temple
Lion & elephant combo at an Indian Hindu temple
Lion & elephant combo at an Indian Hindu temple
Konark Sun temple Odisha India
Lion & elephant combo at Sun temple Odisha
Lion & elephant combo at Sun temple Odisha India

Indus seal depicting the line of great 5 heavenly bodies.

Moon, Sun, black hole depicted at Holy feet of Datta-treya Tradition temple at hill top at Girnar Gujrat

The Ancient Yoga Tradition continuum & cosmic being blessings ( Time travel & Teleportation, Akash Marg & Samrit Margi)

The Ancient Yoga Guru (Datta-treya) tradition of Samadhi in Siddha asan and Time travel teleportation ( Simrat Margi).              https://puneetcodeindus.com/2020/04/27/indus-seal-depicting-ancient-origins-case-study-1/

Page 669 to 674
Galaxies defined as “Dweep” and “Dark matter” around them as “Samudr”.
Page 700. Datt-atreya principle tradition of three Yogic powers represented by three lights under control of Divine White matter persona of Narayan and Narayani who is real Saviour of the people as a HOME COMING; back to the lost glory of divine being or back to land of Divinity ( white matter and Energy; Narayan and Narayani; Hari Dham; Kingdom of light) .
A walk through ZOA & Back. Divine powers from Kingdom of light or Hari Dham of Brahm Prakash & traverse deep space of Giant attractor, Great attractor, Eagle nebula, Celestial Lion & elephant line); in line of ZOA; till weapons of human destruction at 🌍 earth
TRI- MURTI ( three lights) have landed. Trimurti of Brahma, Mahesh & Vishnu that look like a large lighted up disc called DIYA the light.
HARI the seed power ; Split into three powers
Split Divine light enlightening the chosen ones as well as destroying weapons of mass destruction so as to avoid mass calamity. However the affected human power need to conceal the newly ineffective weapons of mass destruction otherwise the enemy side can attack finding a opportunity to kill weakened opponent.
Three TRIMURTI power reassemble
Back Home; the Home coming
Back home; Deep space journey; celestial Lion 🦁 Tail & elephant 🐘 Tusk route, Eagle 🦅 nebula of Snake 🐍 Constellation through Kaal, Great attractor ( Buffalo) & Giant attractor ( Rhino) domain of Maha-Vishnu/ SDA SHIV/ AVADHOOT ; into Hari Dham (domain of celestial Holy cow).
Jim after retirement ( ? Jim the enlightened? not post traumatic)
ENLIGHTENED IN LIFETIME ( then only Divine counterpart APPEAR to others as resurrection after death of the ENLIGHTENED.
ENLIGHTENED SELF BEING Leaves body at will & apparent RESURRECTION after death ( not rebirth)

The second encounter event Picturization

( almost same as described by Vachan-amrut of Swami Narayan of Akshardham encounter of triple divine lights)

28 Dec 1980

Charles and Team as witness

Charles & team encounter

Mother UFO appear in sky
5 Robo mini UFO separate out and scan the base
Robos scanned war stores ?? dysfunctioning war heads??
5 UFO Robos re-integrating
5 UFO Robos re-assemble & leave
Famous BBC documentary on Charles
Charles after retirement at a public function.

The UFO Book-3

Book; vol 8
The ?Robo
From Authors.

Forest UFO Book 4

Book on Charles experience.

Forest UFO Book 5

Good winning over Evil; the light wins over Darkness

Hanuman Gatee Bhav-deeya; Hanuman carries the shinning medicine that cure all ailments, deformity, darkness, disease & Devils.