Puneet code;MEHRGARH Life decoded in 9000 BC

Most ancient Indus valley site 9000 BC to 2500 BC
MEHRGARH in Baluchistan region, next to Sindh region.
First at cave man
First to settle and hunt
First to grow cotton
First to rear sheep
First to treat skin of animals
First to trade
First to have dogs as pet
First to grow crops
The walled city
First to build homes of four rooms
9000 BC POTTERY; first pottery of Mehrgarh
Latest Found to be 9000 BC site
7000 BC shell necklace
Earlier thought to be 6000 BC SITE
4000 BC pottery

6000 BC SITE

Of many excavations undertaken over a long period of time in the Subcontinent, the one carried out at Mehrgarh is in real sense epoch making.

Not only has it provided the earliest evidence for settled life in the Indian Subcontinent going back to the tenth millennium BC (9000 BC) but has also provided solid evidence for the steady and gradual emergence of the Harappan elements.

Ultimate proof to disprove 1500 BC Aryan invasion theory declaring Aryans.

The evidence from Mehrgarh laid to rest the earlier controversial theory of the Western world being responsible for the emergence of the Harappan Civilization.

French explorer digged out the Ancient heritage and culture

The excavations have demonstrated seven different stages of development prior to the emergence of the Harappan culture in the last stage (VIII)

As is evident the process of transformation from Early to Mature Harappan appears to have happened simultaneously over the major Harappan region including



Indus-Saraswati basin and




Datta-treya Yog Tradition

Yoga Master Datta-treya seal being served alcohol by two ladies


Shell ornament
Shell ornament
Shell ornament
Shell ornament
Burial ornaments; likely personal belongings that were very dear to person during lifetime thus buried along with the owner beside other ritual objects.
Figurine to display ornament use
Figurine to display ornament use
Figurine to display ornament use
Figurine to display ornament use
Fashion; Figurine to display ornament use



Copper object like that of Dholavira board