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SS*7) 5 Swastika Harappa seal Enigma cracked.                       5 cosmic bodies in line of ZOA & 5 levels of Spiritual awareness.  Puneetcodeindus.com

5 Spiritual awareness levels during lifetime Leading to sixth level of Moksha ( or RESURRECTION) 5 Swastika represent five levels of cosmic creation as serially achieved during spiritual cosmic consciousness of Datta-treya Tradition. 1) Jeev / human 2) Kshar 3) Akshar 4) Pra 5) Pratpar in lifetime & 6) Pooran Brahm after death of a […]

SS*6) INDUS MEDICAL SEAL CRACKED ; MD Puneet code Indus.com

Dental care ?Wound stiching Eye care Indus seal depicting safe Delivary by FEMALE POWERESS ( Puneet code) The seal misread ( Myth) plant growing from birth canal) ( Buster) Goddess Maitre of safe birth Safe birth to physical as well as Spiritual (Dvij- the second born) body. Indus seal side 1 PHYSICAL BIRTH The Tigers […]

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